So when will the 2014 Roe Rut Kick off? Peter Jones offers a teaser. 


I have been contacted on several occasions now by stalkers enquiring about the start of the 2014 Roe Rut?

Well for the moment my advice is ‘keep Calm and Carry On’ it’s still early days in the Roe Buck season and I do not anticipate anything happening until at least the middle end of July.

(Left: Freak heads can be highly sort after by foreign hunters) 

I plan to provide more detailed information on this topic in the upcoming ‘July Almanac’ which will be out shortly (please subscribe here if you have not already done so: subscribe) here I will put my reputation at stake, by attempting to predict when it will kick off, at least in the Hampshire area that is.

Buttalo250At any rate for the time being keep those Buttalo’s and other calls at home, or in the boot of your car, you do not need them yet, in fact by using a Roe call too early, you will only serve to educate the bucks and make life harder for yourself later on when things really get going.

(Left: The Buttalo - Perhaps the most popular Roe Call)

As per the last few years, I will of course post an announcement the moment that I see signs of the rut getting under way, further more we will also be attempting to capture some Roe Calling in our short film for July, all good reasons so watch this space and in the mean time... ‘keep calm and Carry on’. 

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