James Mott travels to Reims in France with the Capreolus Club in search of some top quality sport and the very best that France has to offer.

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(Above: Some truly impressive Red Stag and Mouflon along with a Japanese Sika)

I am reminded of the popular lines spoken in the 80’s film hit ‘Crocodile Dundee’, in which, when confronted by muggers, the lead character Mick Dundee says; “That’s not a knife, this is a knife!”

Likewise, on a recent trip to France with a handful of members of the Capreolus Club, some of the members might be forgiven for uttering the words: “That’s not a Red, this is a Red!” Indeed, many of the animals shot on the clubs foray to this exclusive 650 acre private hunting estate near Reims, were some of the most spectacular examples that I have ever witnessed.

Reims Trip Image

(Above: Members took some eighteen beasts including Boar, Fallow, Red, Sika and Mouflon)

Unusually the estate provided members with the rare opportunity on the continent to stalk on foot and overall members shot very well, perhaps testament to the fact that all Capreolus Club members are required to have achieved a demonstrable level of skill prior to joining the club, something which ensures that the club has a respected reputation. This is usually in the form of a DSC1 or PDS1 or a significant level of demonstrable experience. That is not to say that members are all experienced hunters, in fact many members of the club are relatively new to the sport, but in part due to the excitement and relish with which many pursue new hobbies, have acquired skills and training over a relatively short space of time.

At any rate, whatever the reasoning, during the excursion club members shot no fewer than eighteen beasts of varying descriptions, including a number of Boar, medal class Mouflon, Fallow Buck, both Japanese and Dybowski Sika Stag and two super Gold Medal Red Stags, one of which exhibited antlers that had an astonishing forty one points, and the other which was broadly similar in size and weight had twenty three points! Now that is a stag!

This stunning estate with its beautiful forests and wide, open rides, along with an extremely smart local hotel and superb French cuisine, has now deservedly secured its position as a regular venue for the London based Capreolus club, and going forward the club is delighted to be able to welcome bookings from its members at any time throughout the year.  

If you are interested in these types of excursions and would like to enquire about joining the Capreolus Club, then contact: 0208 239 7311 /07789 747709 or email the club chairman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Alternatively visit the club’s website to find out more about some of the benefits of joining: membership-benefits



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