New Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 2 sets the ‘gold-standard’ in UK deer stalking.

We provide details of the PDS Level 2 (PDS2) Deer Stalking Certificate which has recently been launched via the shootingandhuntingacademy

Proficient Deer Stalker Level 2 Course

Following the huge success of the LANTRA Accredited Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1, it has been a natural step to introduce a Level 2 deer-stalking-qualification

The PDS Level 2 has been designed to follow on from the foundation skills achieved during the PDS1 and consists of two elements, a taught element that is delivered via the ‘Shooting & Hunting Academy’ - the same easy to use e-learning platform as the PDS1, and an infield practical demonstration of skill that is observed and recorded in a candidate's Logbook by a PDS Approved Verifier on at least two occasions.  

The initial taught element is designed to elevate the candidate’s knowledge of deer management in key areas, that include subjects such as, an advanced understanding of firearms and optics, ageing and assessing the condition of deer, how to assess the suitability of land for stalking, how to carry out risk assessments, record keeping and deer management plans.

Each taught module is assessed via a series of multiple choice questions before the candidate is required to complete a final exam. In total the candidate must complete 70 questions and achieve a pass mark of 80% before continuing to the practical skills assessment.  

Having successfully passed the theory, the candidate is then required to pass the infield practical, which covers four key areas that include, the preparation and safe handling of equipment, competence at stalking and dispatching deer humanely and safely, the ability to be able to inspect and gralloch deer and hygienically handle shot deer in line with Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines.

Through both taught modules and classes and through a practical demonstration of skill that must be demonstrated on at least two occasions, the PDS2 sets the gold standard in UK deer stalking and provides a level of knowledge and skill that is ideal for those who may wish to take on a deer stalking lease, apply for an open style firearms certificate, or simply for those that wish to advance their knowledge to new heights.

The PDS Level 2 is available to all PDS1 candidates by simply enrolling via the ‘Shooting & Hunting Academy’.  

Proficient Deer Stalker Level 2 Syllabus

PDS2 Taught Element

Module 1. Advanced Firearms

Module 2. Deer Identification

Module 3. Deer Ecology

Module 4. Land Assessment

PDS2 Practical Assessment

The practical assessment requires that the candidate demonstrate on two occasions, their infield proficiency, to the satisfaction of an Approved Verifier, in four key areas that include:    

Element 1. Prepare and safely handle suitable equipment ammunition and firearms.

Element 2. Stalk and dispatch a deer safely and successfully.

Element 3. Inspect and gralloch a shot deer.

Element 4. The ability to hygienically extract, transport and store a shot deer in line with FSA guidelines as set out in the Hunting Academy Large Game Meat Hygiene Course.

How it Works

Candidates that have completed the PDS1 and Large Game Meat Hygiene Course, will be invited to achieve the Level 2.

Candidates enrol and complete the taught element of the PDS2 online via the ‘Shooting & Hunting Academy’ in a similar format as the PDS1.

Having successfully completed the taught element and upon successfully passing the exams, candidates are invited to download and print off a PDS2 Logbook via the Shooting & Hunting Academy.

Candidates then approach an ‘Approved Verifier’ in their area and hand their Logbook to their chosen AV for verification that each performance criteria has successfully been achieved.

The candidates Logbook is then sent to CDS head office by the candidate for internal verification and issuing of a PDS Level 2 certificate.    

If you have completed the Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1 and would like to take the Level 2, you can enrol on the course by following this link: proficient-deer-stalker-certificate-level-2

For more information about ‘Proficient Deer Stalker’ training contact: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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