James Mott reviews the innovative new Javelin rifle bipod from Spartan Precision. 

javelin bipod

For anyone wanting to shoot accurately, the use of a stable rifle rest is essential.

Most woodland deer stalkers will of course use shooting sticks (the best of the bunch in our opinion is the Quad pod, follow this link: training-films 'shooting Sticks' to see more) but the use of a bipod, which is arguably the most stable rest available, has more often than not, been shunned by lowland hunters on the basis that there is rarely the opportunity to use them. Added to this, historically bipods can be bulky and add considerable weight to the end of the rifle, making the rifle heavy and badly balanced....after all that, there is then the problem of the blasted thing digging into your shoulders!

(Left: The Javelin bipod and adapter)

Fitting a traditional bipod to your rifle is usually achieved by detaching the sling and attaching the lug of the bipod to the sling swivel. Whilst this is not too time consuming, it can be a bit of a fiddle. This is all very well if you have time to play around, however if pressed to take a shot quickly, there is usually insufficient time to complete the procedure. 

For these reasons many stalkers have adopted the policy of either having the bipod already fitted to the rifle when setting out, or else leaving it behind.

Personally due to the aforementioned issues, I have, until recently, rejected the idea of fitting a bipod entirely, however an innovative product has changed my mind.

The Javelin super-lite bipod.

The Javelin Bipod is a superbly designed piece of kit that solves a problem. It is extremely light (only 133 grams) and has none of the issues normally associated with metal bipods. The best thing is that it is small enough to be carried easily in a pocket and is simply attached in a second when required, via a low profile magnetic adapter fitted to the rifle’s stock.

Javelin adapter 1The bipod is made of strong carbon fibre (making it weigh next to nothing) and its cleverly designed adjustable head allows the rifle to cant allowing the rifle to stay level on uneven ground. The bipod  also allows 120 degrees of smooth rotation so you can track your target without having to lift and reposition your rifle.

The height can be adjusted by twisting the legs and retightening in the desired position. Another great feature are the tethered rubber over feet which when removed, reveal stainless steel points – very useful when bench shooting when more grip is required.

(Above/Right: The rifle adapter plate can be fitted easily to your rifle in place of your front sling swivel after which the sling is simply reattached to the adapter)

All in all, this is an innovative piece of kit in every regard and will be of huge appeal to woodland stalkers who are required to switch between shooting sticks and the bipod depending on the circumstances.   

There are two length versions of the Javelin bipod – standard and long, both of which retail at £225 and include one rifle stock adapter. If you have more than one rifle simply purchase further adapters at a cost of £25 each. These can be quickly and easily fitted to your rifle

Personally this innovative well thought out piece of kit has encouraged me to rethink my use of bipods. For more detailed information, visit Spartan Precision Equipment at www.javelinbipod.com

Alternatively at County Deer Stalking we are so enamored with this piece of kit we have decided to sell them! You can therefore also purchase them through us, at County Deer Stalking by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 01403 790244




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