Professional stalker Peter Jones offers some advice about the month to come.

Almanac 2018 Jan 555

January is a hard month, not only is there the post-Christmas hangover, but the weather is bleak and the hours of daylight short.

Whilst December this year has been unusually cold, it is typically January that is the coldest month in the UK, with average maximum temperatures of 6.9C in England and 5.0C in Scotland and average minimum temperatures of 1.3C in England and a crisp -0.2C in bonny Scotland. 

Perhaps it is for this reason that after the pre-Christmas rush, the number of recreational stalkers booking outings tends to tail off for a few weeks. And who can blame them. In fact in Scotland stalking guests are a rarity this late in the season, with the hardy professional stalker on most estates getting on with the job of meeting the cull target. 

When and if you do brave it, then it is crucial for the successful stalker to think carefully about where the deer are going to be, and this is undoubtedly in the most sheltered spots available. This can mean that the deer can take a bit of finding, and in doing so, in the most isolated areas of the country, stalkers should take care to follow a few safety rules. A twisted ankle and falling temperatures in some outlying areas can quickly turn into a nasty situation and so following some basic guidelines, such as telling someone where you are going, carrying a radio or mobile telephone and a few extra layers of dry clothing, is essential. 

Of course, many stalkers who set out are doing so in sight of the pub! But even so, we are hunting with dangerous weapons and sharp knives, so give some thought to how you would deal with a worst-case scenario and make a plan. 

Wherever you are in the country this January, in the words of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus in Hill street Blues: "Let's be careful out there." 

Finally, I'd like to finish 2017 by thanking all of our readers for their continued support, and on behalf of all of the team at County Deer Stalking, may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Editorpic150IN Season in England & Wales:  Roe Doe, Fallow Doe & Fallow Buck, Sika Stag & Sika Hind, Red Stag & Red Hind, CWD Buck & CWD Doe, Muntjac Buck & Muntjac Doe.

OFF Season in England & Wales:  Roebuck.

In Season in Scotland:  Fallow Buck, Fallow Doe, Roe Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind.

Off Season in Scotland: Red Stag, Sika Stag & Roebuck 

(Peter Jones - Editor) 



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