County Deer Stalking recommences its deer stalking syndicate, and with more first-class grounds in the South of England to be added to the syndicate in the near future, offers additional vacancies and availability.

Deer Stalking Syndicate Availability

Since its inception a few years ago, the Capreolus Club's deer stalking syndicate, also known as the PLUS scheme, with its plentiful deer and beautiful grounds, has proven to be one of the finest deer stalking syndicates in the south of England. With an easement in the Coronavirus lockdown, the scheme is now set to prove even more popular.  

Readers will be aware of the announcement made by the UK government on Sunday 10th May in relation to an easement of the 'lockdown' measures taken as a result of the Coronavirus. As the UK takes these tentative first steps toward recovery, we are delighted to reveal that here at County Deer Stalking and the Capreolus Club, it is our view that with a few sensible precautions, we can safely recommence the club’s deer stalking syndicate, also known as the PLUS scheme. 

Capreolus Club Deer Stalking Syndicate

Having carefully reviewed the guidance, it is very clear that with the unlimited restriction on travel to open spaces and the schemes solitary nature, that it falls squarely within the parameters of the government’s acceptable guidelines. We are therefore delighted to be able to recommence the scheme in full, from this Wednesday 13th May 2020.

In view of the new normal, which now sees more people working from home and longer term repercussions for how we view group sports and activities, via our deer stalking syndicate scheme, it is a privilege to be able to offer uninhibited enjoyment of a field sport which, in the climate we now find ourselves, appears to tick all of the boxes.

Go Deer Stalking whenever and as often as you like, in complete isolation with the support of a club in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Kent, Sussex and Oxfordshire-  and needless to say, we anticipate that over the next few weeks and months, the PLUS scheme is going to prove very popular. So in order to meet demand and ensure that the hunting continues to remain first-class, we will be adding further superb areas of land in the South East of England, in the very near future. 

With unlimited travel now permissible, if you would like to join, this is the optimum time to do so. Furthermore, we appreciate that after having been ‘cooped-up’ now for seven weeks, you will be eager not to waste any more time, so for those wishing to join the club and gain access to the scheme, we will fast track applications. This means that you could be out stalking at the earliest opportunity.

Here at County Deer Stalking & the Capreolus Club our members health and safety is our top priority, none the less we are of the opinion that deer stalking is a sport that embodies the very epitome or self-isolation.

If you have any queries or observations about our arrangements, then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

The scheme offers unlimited, unaccompanied Book-and-Go Deer Stalking for Fallow, Roe & Muntjac 365 days a year over 3,000 acres of beautiful countryside, in a variety of locations around the south of England all easily accessible from London, with just 24 hours notice.

If you’d like your application ‘fast tracked’ then simply call us on: 0208 239 7311 / 0203 981 0159 / 07789 747709 or email the club chairman Peter Jones: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Or simply apply directly online by completing our straight forward online form: apply-now 

Alternatively to read more about the syndicate and the benefits of joining, then follow this link to read more about ‘Going it Alone’: deer-stalking-syndicate

Finally, watch this film if you'd like a reminder as to why it's going to be so good to get out again:




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