Deer Stalking Syndicate gets new grounds in the South East of England.

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Quality Deer Stalking Syndicates can be hard to come by, especially in the South East of England where ground is hard fought for. That is why the Capreolus Club PLUS, deer stalking syndicate offers one of the finest deer stalking syndicates in the south of England, with grounds all easily accessible from London.

Initially with grounds in West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire, the club has been working hard now for some time, to get further grounds that meet the demand of those living toward the east and south east of London and so is proud to have recently revealed its new ground in East Sussex, a ground that not only serves this purpose, but also represents one of the finest stalking grounds in the club’s deer stalking syndicate portfolio.

Mayfield Ground Capreolus Club

Less than 45mins from major towns such as Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Hastings and Crawley and Just one hour’s drive and 40mls from both the Dartford Crossing and Dulwich, this new ground serves syndicate members from both Essex, East London, West & East Sussex and Surrey perfectly, as well as continuing to offer additional grounds to the west of London in Hampshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.  

Impressively the new East Sussex stalking ground, spans around 500 acres and forms part of a ‘Rewilding Scheme’ that lends itself perfectly to Fallow deer stalking with occasional Roe and is situated in the High Weald, one of England's finest landscapes, an area designated as an one of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

The Capreolus Club is releasing this new ground to the club’s PLUS scheme from January 2020 and is expecting considerable demand. So if you’ve been looking for a deer stalking syndicate to join in 2020, then now is a good time to consider the which, as well as its existing grounds in Surrey, West Sussex Hampshire and Wiltshire, which amount to over 2000 acres, now also provides beautiful meadows and rolling hills in East Sussex, with hundreds of additional acres of both foot stalking and shooting from six perfectly placed high seats.

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Furthermore, unlike many deer stalking syndicates that offer a headline rate but then charge a multitude of other surcharges, trophy fees, success fees, venison and additional costs, once you have been accepted on the PLUS scheme, you can enjoy unlimited, unaccompanied Book-and-Go Deer Stalking for Fallow, Roe & Muntjac 365 days a year over 2,500 acres with just 24 hours notice, without any additional fees.

The cost of Capreolus Club membership is £250-00 per quarter. An upgrade to the PLUS scheme is an additional £450-00 (prices exclude vat). Put simply once you are paid up, that’s it, go as often as you want with no nasty extra charges.

What is more, Capreolus Club membership also offers a host of other benefits that include a fabulous diary of events that kick off the new year with a stalk day in Hampshire on the 3rd January, an overnight trip for Fallow in the New Forest in early Feb and other trips and events throughout the year that include Red Stag in the Highlands, both UK and European Boar, Range Days, Stalk Days, Socials and another fabulous trip to our exclusive ground in Norway.

There are plenty of good reasons to join the Capreolus Club in 2020, so if you want to enhance your deer stalking and simultaneously become part of this thriving and friendly club, then why not give the club a call on 0203 981 0159 / 0208 239 7311 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read more about our deer stalking syndicate and the PLUS scheme follow this link: deer-stalking-syndicate

“The Capreolus Club is committed to the environment via a climate-focused diet and to the betterment of species through the careful selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals”.

Follow this link to find out more about the many benefits of joining the club: membership-benefits




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