We let you know why the 01st of November is the most important date of the year for deer stalkers.

Main Image Nov 2019 555px 1For Deer Stalkers in England & Wales November the 1st is ‘the’ most important day of the year, as it represents the start of the open season for females.

Further-more, from the beginning of November, the open season for Does and Hinds runs concurrently until the end of the winter, with the open season for all males except the Roebuck. Put simply, this means, every deer that you see when out hunting, save for the Roebuck, is shootable, something that up’s the chances of success considerably.

For those charged with the task of reducing deer numbers, (this would be particularly true of those that stalk Fallow, where in many areas the numbers have got far too high), The 01st November is a crucial date from which it is at last possible to start making an impact on the population. This is because, population size can only be impacted by tackling the breeding population.

Bear in mind however, that the revers is true, if you do not have the number of deer on your ground that you desire, and you wish to maintain some recreational stalking, then go easy, shooting the breeding population in this scenario, is exactly what you don’t want to be doing! This might be particularly true of more sensitive, territorial deer such as Roe, so if you find yourself amongst a family of Roe, do not get over excited, exercise some control and do not behave like a fox in a chicken coop!

As chance has it, this year the 1st November falls on a Friday and to celebrate, at the Capreolus Club we are hosting a special double-time slot event at our exclusive grounds in Hampshire.

The event is available to 12 rifles made up of two teams of 6. Team one will enjoy a stalk followed by breakfast and team two an early lunch followed by a stalk. For those who are super keen and can spare a whole day, there is the opportunity to enjoy an entire days stalking and some great local 'grub' on the thrilling first day of the season.

I am pleased to announce, that on Thursday 5th December the club is also proud to be hosting its Christmas event in the Long Room of ‘James Purdey & Sons’ in Mayfair. These are the type of quality events held by the Capreolus Club and our event at ‘Purdey Guns’ is the perfect opportunity for those that are interested in joining this friendly and thriving club to come and see what we are all about.

If you’d like to join us at ‘Purdey Guns’ this Christmas, then why not ping me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call on 0208 239 7311. Or to find out more about the Capreolus Club click here: capreolusclub

Film Still Nov 2019 555px 1

On to this month’s film and we have a ‘corker’ in the form of: ‘HUGE Red Stag hunt’. We stalk a 28-point Lowland Red Stag, on what I consider to be one of the finest grounds in the UK. Enjoy!

To watch the film please follow this link: short-films

Peter Jones 150IN Season in England & Wales:  Roe Doe, Fallow Doe & Fallow Buck, Sika Stag & Sika Hind, Red Stag & Red Hind, CWD Buck & CWD Doe, Muntjac Buck & Muntjac Doe.

OFF Season in England & Wales:  Roebuck.

In Season in Scotland:  Fallow Buck, Fallow Does, Roe Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind.

Off Season in Scotland: Red Stag, Sika Stag & Roebuck 

(Peter Jones - Editor) 




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