Peter Jones takes a look at what to expect from your Deer Stalking during the month of June. 


June is a funny month. once again as with May the predominant deer species (see here for more about deer species) is Roe Buck, however during June there is a slight lull in activity. An 'uneasy stand off' if you will between sparring Roe Buck.  

Having asserted their dominance over a plot of land and with all the rushing around in May, the Roe Buck, who are now sporting ‘foxy  red’ summer coats, now adopt a holding position during which time they concentrate their efforts on improving body condition and gaining weight ready for the rut in July, when they will once again be called upon to defend their territory and mating rights. 

As a result of their inactivity and perhaps in no small part due to my also holding off for the rut, we tend to shoot fewer Roe Buck in June than during May and July. That said with the dense green foliage and warm summer evenings, June remains a simply stunning month to be out in the woods. Added to which there is always the chance that as we turn the next bend in the path we will spy something truly special.  

The hours of darkness of course are few indeed and so early morning and even evening stalking represents some pretty unsociable hours, this however is mitigated by the occasional heart stirring sighting of a doe with newly born kids stumbling along with faltering steps behind their mother.

 With the cold start to spring it may be that this year things are a little out of sync’ and that my normal summary of what the deer will be doing is a little out of kilter. Early indications are that this is certainly true of deer behaviour to the north of England and Scotland where many stalkers are reporting a delay in typical behaviour.

North of the border, June is the last respite for Red and Sika stags, the season for which resumes in July. In England & Wales we have a little longer to wait for the herding species who remain out of season until the start of the Buck & Stag Season in August.  

As for our smallest species? By June most Muntjac Bucks will have cast their antlers. Therefore for those looking for a trophy Munty’ the months of May to July are best avoided. Here at County Deer Stalking we will however continue to stalk Muntjac throughout the year.

Indeed it has been with some amusement that having spoken for the last several months of inactivity and poor sightings of Muntjac, it has been during the less typical period of April and May that we have in fact seen and shot more Muntjac than in the preceding months, when with low ground cover, one might reasonably have expected to see more. We will see if this continues to be true during June! 

IN Season in England & Wales:  Roe Buck, Muntjac Bucks & Muntjac Does.

OFF Season in England & Wales: Roe Does, Fallow Does, Fallow Buck, Sika Hinds, Sika Stags, Red Hinds, Red Stags, CWD Bucks & CWD Does. 

IN Season in Scotland: Roe Buck, Muntjac Bucks & Muntjac Does. 

OFF Season in Scotland: Roe Does, Fallow Does, Fallow Buck, Sika Hinds, Sika Stags, Red Hinds, Red Stags, CWD Bucks & CWD Does.



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