Deer Stalker Training Available Online – The Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1 (PDS1). We look at the ground-breaking and innovative new Online version of the popular PDS1 deer stalking Course, that now enables candidates to complete their deer management qualification through e-learning.

Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate ENROL

For those that wish to take a nationally recognised and accredited course, develop their skills and become proficient, trained deer hunters, the PDS1 Deer Management Qualification has become an established and widely recognised UK deer stalking course.

For over a decade, County Deer Stalking has, through quality, trusted instruction, helped hundreds of beginners to become competent in the art of deer stalking, and has assisted countless individuals in obtaining their own Firearm Certificates.

Today, in a changing and uncertain world, where classrooms and group learning has become a thing of the past, and with an increasing trend toward e-learning, the PDS1 Certificate has become available online. Something that means candidates can complete and obtain the theory element of the PDS1 Certificate, at a time and place that suits them, without any compromise on quality.

PDS1 Deer Stalking Course

Above: The popular 'Proficient Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1' (PDS1) Accredited & Approved by LANTRA and UK Rural Skills – Now available both Online or One-to-one in the Field, at a time and date that suits you. 

The PDS1 course itself, is delivered through a series of online modules and classes, during which candidates are guided through the theory element of the PDS1 syllabus and taught some of the practical elements involved in becoming a trained deer hunter, including safety, marksmanship and rifle handling.

Throughout the course candidates are required to pass a series of multiple-choice exams verifying what they have learnt. Once the candidate has completed the entire course and has passed the final examination, they are then awarded the PDS1 Certificate.    

For many candidates, with existing practical knowledge of firearms, for example experienced target shooters, or hunters from abroad who are visiting the UK, this will often be sufficient. However, for those candidates who do not have previous firearms experience and wish to compliment the PDS1 theory with the practical assessment, it couldn’t be easier. County Deer Stalking provides a list of ‘Approved Verifiers’ around the UK, that are able to sign off on the practical element of the course during a one hour marksmanship test, during which candidates are required to place a series of shot’s in a 5inch group, from a number of shooting positions at ranges from 75-100yards.

Woodland stalker Nick j 555

What’s great about this, is that for those candidates requiring practical experience, they are able to ‘tag-on’ a practical assessment to a ‘live’ stalk outing. Effectively meaning that, having completed the theory part of the qualification online, they are able to simultaneously complete the PDS1 Practical, whilst also enjoying an outing deer stalking.  

Completing the course Online is also more affordable than carrying it out in the field. The online version of the PDS1 costs just £375 including Vat.

In producing this course, County Deer Stalking as been determined not to compromise on quality. At County Deer Stalking all our trainers are highly experienced professional, full-time deer managers, Approved Verifiers (AV) for the PDS1 and 'Approved Witnesses' (AW) in 'Deer Management Qualifications'. Our lead instructor Peter S Jones, who is responsible for delivering the course, is a well-known and trusted expert in the industry and has over 25yrs experience hunting deer and large game in the UK, Europe and Africa. Peter also has extensive experience of delivering training to Zoo’s and wildlife parks and is a decorated, former Metropolitan Police Detective with extensive experience of firearms and firearms legislation. This means that you are being taught by a leading expert in the industry, via an established provider.

If you’d like to take the superb Online PDS1 Certificate, simply follow this link to get started. The Proficient Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 Online (PDS1) Costs - £375 including vat.

START NOW - Simply follow this link to get started on your PDS1: deer-stalking-course

Or if you have any questions then you can contact us on: 0203 981 0159 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Woodland stalker Joe carhart 555

Of course, for those who would rather complete the PDS1 in the field. The PDS1 remains available as a one-day intensive course, that provides one-to-one training at a time and date that suits you.

Courses run Monday - Saturday 10 - 5pm throughout the year and include an extensive 'PDS1 Training Manual', Rifle & Ammunition Hire, Lunch & Refreshments.

The PDS1 training course when delivered in the field, includes both the practical and theory-based training and concludes with a multiple-choice examination at the end of the day. 

Proficient Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 in the field Costs - £450 + Vat 

BOOK NOW Call: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The PDS1 Syllabus Includes

Module 1: Understanding the need to manage deer
Module 2: Firearms Safety, Rifle Components & Optics set-up
Module 3: Where to place your bullet & variants of shot placement
Module 4: Zeroing, Point Blank Range & Windage
Module 5: Marksmanship – How to place a well-aimed shot
Module 6: After the Shot, Shot reaction & following blood trails
Module 7: Carcass Extraction, handling & inspection
Module 8: Deer Species & Identification
Module 9: UK Legislation
Module 10: Buying your equipment and getting out deer stalking
Where to go from here?
Final Exam

Capreolus Club - What’s also great, is that the PDS1 Certificate or DSC1 Certificate are recognised as the entry level standard for membership of the Capreolus Club. A club specifically designed for deer stalkers.

This friendly and exciting club provides a safe and supportive way to progress in the world of deer stalking and offers a host of opportunities and benefits to both beginners and experienced stalkers alike.

To find out more about the many benefits of joining the Capreolus Club, please follow this link: membership-benefits 



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