Leading on perfectly from the PDS1 or DSC1 Deer Stalking Certificate, this class in the Gralloching & Inspection of deer, is ideal for those hunters that wish to handle and process their own shot deer carcasses. It is also perfect for those enrolled on, or about to take their DSC2 or PDS2 deer stalking qualifications.

Enrol on the ‘Gralloching & Inspection MasterClass’ here:

Gralloching Inspection Masterclass Trailer

This clearly delivered and affordable course, takes you step by step through the process of Gralloching & Inspecting a deer carcass in order to deem it suitable for the human food chain.

The process of Gralloching which effectively means ‘gutting’ or ‘disemboweling’ can at first appear complex, we shine a light on the process and demonstrate the best, most simple way to go about it.

Identifying disease, locating and examining lymph nodes, can also be daunting. In the following course, we show you exactly what you should be looking for, where to locate each lymph node, what they should look like and what to do if you suspect a notifiable disease.

Deer Stalking Course Gralloching Many recreational stalkers are familiar with the challenges involved in hunting and ‘grassing’ a deer but stop there and are oblivious to the steps that are taken by the stalker to prepare and verify the animal’s suitability for the table. During a series of short, easy to follow classes, we provide you with a masterclass that you can refer to again and again.

The Course includes:

The Shot

Follow Up

Pre- Inspection

External Examination


Internal Examination & Inspection of the Lymph Nodes

What’s more, you have the added confidence that the instruction that you receive is from the very best. This Gralloching & Inspection Masterclass has been produced by County Deer stalking a long-established provider of Deer Stalker Courses and ‘Approved Witnesses’ in Deer Management Qualifications’ and is presented by trained hunter and industry professional Ben Heath of the ‘Deer Box’, who supply hundreds of deer each year to the UK market, as well as a string of Michelin Star Restaurants.

If you want to learn from the very best and get your technique down to a fine art, then this is the best way to do it.

Whether you are a PDS1 or DSC1 candidate and want to take the next step in processing what you have shot, or if you are a PDS2 or DSC2 candidate wishing to learn how to locate and inspect a shot carcass before seeking out an ‘Approved Witness’, this is the perfect course for you.

Enrol now for just £45-00. deer-gralloching--inspection-masterclass

Here’s what some of our candidates have been saying:

“Exactly what I have been looking for! An affordable, easy to follow guide to inspecting a carcass before I take my DSC2” – P. Green

“Having just completed my PDS1 this was absolutely spot on and just what I needed to understand the next step involved in dealing with my shot deer” N. Jones



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