How can you time be best spent during June?

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Regular readers may recall the almanac from last June, during which I departed from conventional wisdom and proclaimed that June was in fact an active month for Roebuck.

This is contrary to the perceived expectations of Roe behaviour at this time of year, and looking back at the cull records from June 2018 I see no reason to depart from this point of view. None the less June pales in comparison to the rut in late July and early August, mainly because of the unbridled excitement of Roe calling.

At other times of the year it can at times be frustrating to see animals in the yonder distance and be unable to stalk in close, well for a few solitary weeks during the rut it is possible to call the Roe toward you.

For this reason, I maintain that June is a great month to put in some extra marksmanship training and there is simply no better way of doing this than a few hours spent on our ‘Woodland stalker course’. A dozen targets set in a variety of challenging settings designed to replicate real life hunting scenarios, at a variety of ranges out to 200 yards, all set in a beautiful woodland setting. It’s a terrific way to hone your skills ready for the climax of the Roebuck season in late July early August. Follow this link for more details:

What is more, for anyone that wishes to book a session on the course throughout June and July I will also be offering a 20 min tutorial on how to call Roebuck with a ‘Buttalo call’. That way when the rut comes, you’ll not only have the confidence that you are shooting straight, you will also possess the required skills to execute some effective calling. Contact the office on 0203 981 0159 to book.

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On to this month’s film, during which we take a break for Roe and depart for the Highlands of Scotland where we consider the most appropriate calibre for Highland Stalking. What Calibre will be our experts top pick? For those that have made a booking this year to Scotland you are just about in time to seek a variation to your FAC for a new calibre! Click here to go to our Short Films page: short-films ('What is the best calibre for stalking in the Highlands June '19)

IN Season in England & Wales:  Roebuck, Muntjac Buck & Muntjac Doe.

OFF Season in England & Wales: Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Fallow Buck, Sika Hind, Sika Stag, Red Hind, Red Stag, CWD Buck & CWD Doe. 

IN Season in Scotland: Roebuck 

OFF Season in Scotland: Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Fallow Buck, Sika Hind, Sika Stag, Red Hind, Red Stag.

(Peter Jones - Editor)



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