Dalmore Whisky the marriage of Whisky and Deer. 


With a lot of people only really knowing Glenfiddich, it’s fair to say they consider it to be ‘the’ single malt most closely associated with deer. Well, if you fall in to this category, prepare yourself for a shock! The Dalmore has to be the ultimate marriage of whisky and the noble beast that is the Stag.

dalmore250aNot content with the glorious twelve point Royal Stag adorning the outer packaging, Dalmore went all-in and even included a carefully crafted miniature made of plastic and stuck it on the bottle. Now without seeing the pictures (or even better, a real bottle!), you could be forgiven for thinking this sounds tacky. Well, let me assure you, somehow these guys made plastic stuff stuck on bottles cool – in a big way. You can’t mistake this little gem when seeing it across a hotel bar, that’s for sure.

The packaging makes this a great gift for the deer lover; and the gift-ability is backed up by the flavour, also. I consider the Dalmore 12 year old to be a sweet, complex and rich dram, lighter than most we tend to review at County Deer Stalking, but with a depth that is impressive. Dalmore is generally more expensive than other offerings at this age statement, but really, the taste does make up for it. Consider it the Lagavullin of sweet and rich whisky, and you can understand it better.

The other reason I would strongly recommend it as a gift is it’s very drinkable. The rich, sugary caramel syrup of a taste is one that can be appreciated by both the novice (it won’t blow your head off) and the expert (great for drinking if you haven’t had a big dinner or a quick drink after work). This malt really can be all things to all people.


The Dalmore range is expansive, and expanding, with a number of their more premium offerings having great charity causes to back them up. We will take a look at some of these in the coming weeks and really get to understand their motives. But for now, let’s just enjoy the deep, honey glow of the 12 Year Old and dream of that elusive 12 pointer…

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