Jeremy Clarkson stalks and shoots his first deer in Season 3 Episode 7 of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’.


Ok so he is a bit of a loveable buffoon, but I have to say that I have been absolutely riveted by the former 'Top Gear' presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s brilliant TV series on ‘Prime’, ‘Clarkson’s Farm’, which has been widely applauded by UK farmers for shinning a light on the woes and challenges faced in modern farming.

Clarkson, who, incidentally, has been crowned for the 2nd year in a row, as the UK & Ireland's sexiest man! Is now being widely congratulated by UK Deer Managers up and down the countryside for having the bravery to stick his head above the parapet and shine a light on the often-ridiculous attitude of many members of the public to shooting deer.

As a farmer Clarkson has highlighted the need to control the growing number of deer in the UK. Importantly, during episode 7 of the show, Jeremy also underscored the point that through deer stalking, we are able to both reduce damage to the environment, improve biodiversity and simultaneously harvest a nutritious food source.

What’s more he demonstrated his skill with a rifle. Using a Blaser R8 Straight-pull bolt action rifle, he was able to harvest a Roebuck on his farm in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds, just a stone’s throw from our own stalking grounds. 

Blaser R8 Ultimate ReviewAs a professional deer stalker, I have taken out a number of celebrities deer stalking, all of which have been very keen to impress on me the importance of discretion ‘no photo’s please’ and secrecy. It has always struck me that this has been an opportunity lost. If these individuals would stand up for what they believe in, we might go some way to changing the narrative.

Of course I have some sympathy. On the whole, the UK press is notorious for ‘slatting’ anyone involved in shooting, yet alone shooting ‘Bambi!’ I myself have been in the Sunday Times, The Daily Star, The Evening Standard and the Guardian. With only the Sunday Times providing a halfway informed write up.  

Countryman and outspoken supporter of the countryside that he is, perhaps it is no surprise therefore, that it has fallen to Jeremy Clarkson to stand up for this important issue.

If you are interested in deer stalking and would like to learn how to become a trained hunter and harvest your own deer from the countryside, a great place to get some training is by taking the ‘Proficient Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 (PDS1) a LANTRA approved deer stalking course that provides the candidate with the skills required to humanely stalk and harvest wild deer. To find out more, simply follow this link: deer-stalking-course

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