We reveal the details of new legislation provided in the Deer (Scotland) Amendment Order 2023.

Capreolus Club Deer Stalking Scotland

Following a lengthy deer management consultation by the Scottish Government. The following amendments to the Deer (Scotland) Act 1996 will come into effect from 21st October and 01st November 2023.

The amendments affect Scotland only and are as follow:  

From 21st October 2023 the Deer (Close Season) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2023 removes the statutory closed season for all males, meaning that male deer, of all species, (Red Stag, Roebuck, Sika Stag and Fallow Buck), maybe shot all year-round.

From 01st November 2023 those that possess a night licence, and are specifically authorised to do so, may use thermal imaging equipment and night vision scopes for the taking of deer at night.

From 01st November 2023 the requirement of a minimum bullet weight to shoot the large species of deer (Red, Sika & Fallow) will be reduced from 100grains to 80grains.

It is important that as deer stalkers we remain up to date with the law and relevant legislation that affects what we do.

As one of the UK’s leading training providers of deer-stalking-qualifications, we will be updating our training material to include the new legislation. This will include the necessary amendments to the LANTRA Approved, ‘Proficient Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1’ (PDS1).

To read further comment by our editor Peter S Jones about the amendments, just follow this link: deer-stalking-close-seasons-scotland-2023

If you are interested in deer management and in becoming a ‘Trained Hunter’ you should follow this link to the ‘Shooting & Hunting Academy’ where you can learn more about the PDS1 Deer Stalking Certificate.

The course includes a specific module on Understanding the unique nature of deer stalking in Scotland, along with other important modules that will help you understand the important requirements and skills involved in hunting deer.

Modules include Safety and understanding firearms, marksmanship, deer species, legislation, shot placement, large game meat hygiene and many more modules and classes designed to empower you as a hunter.

Follow this link to learn more: deer-stalking-course  



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