Toby Worthington visits the Holland & Holland shooting grounds with the Capreolus Club to try out the very latest in Schiesskino' Cinematographic technology at the H&H indoor range.

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(Above: H&H Instructor Clive offers some advice) 

Schiesskino' Cinematographic technology is arguably the very best type of training available to large game hunters who specialise in driven and dangerous game hunting, and whilst this type of technology is readily available to hunters on the continent, currently in the UK Holland & Holland shooting grounds in Northwood have the only commercially available facility of this type.

The indoor range itself has a 25 metre firing point, with a screen that is 10 metres by 3 metres in size. On to the screen can be projected any number of hundreds of images and scenarios - into which, live full power ammunition can be fired from either the client’s own firearm or from any of a selection of firearms belonging to the range.  Needless to say, being Holland & Holland the facilities are far from ‘shabby’ and the range itself is housed within a very smart complex where clients and guests can enjoy the finer side of shooting.       

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(Above: Members of the club try out their skills on targets ranging from Boar to Buffalo)

As a London-based ‘Big Game Hunting Club’, it would have been remiss of the Capreolus club not to have utilised this facility, and so it was, that I joined members of the London-based club on their visit to the H&H grounds in Northwood near London, to blaze away at a host of moving game targets ranging from Boar to Buffalo.

As well as the variety of targets on offer, there were also a number of calibres to try out, from classic deer stalking calibres such as the .308 to the iconic .375 H&H and the Cap’ club’s own .416 Rigby.

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(Images courtesy of 'Hermione Hardwick Photography')

The variety of optics in use was also note-worthy. What are the best optics for this type of shooting? Well the ‘H&H Aimpoint’, with its red-dot sight mounted on a Blaser R8, proved very popular, and is undoubtedly a superb choice for those engaged in close range, driven game. However, also popular was the new Swarovski Z8i which, with its highly versatile, variable magnification and switchable reticule, proved to be very capable. As for the .416? Well this was topped with a Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 a great choice for those who need the advantage of quick target acquisition, and when the circumstances demand it, a degree of magnification, both of which potential scenarios can be encountered when hunting dangerous big game.

‘Boys and their toys’ - deer stalking and big game hunting can be a fairly solitary pursuit and so these type of events, are a great way to try out different items of kit and also meet and socialise with other shooters. If you’d like to find out more about the Capreolus Club and meet some of its member’s the club will be holding its annual Cigar & Brandy evening at Dunhill in St James on the 19th April. To find out more about this event please follow this link: club-social-evening-brandy-cigars-at-dunhill

Alternatively, to learn more about some of the benefits of joining this friendly and thriving club then click here: membership-benefits or call 0208 239 7311 / 01403 790244 for more details. 

In September 2015 The Capreolus Club was proud to have also held a 'Guns & Fine Wine Evening at Holland & Holland's main London Gun Room. To read more about this fabulous event please follow this link: holland-holland-welcomes-the-capreolus-club 




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