Peter Jones, chairman of the London-based Capreolus Club, makes a statement about the recent termination by the City of London of the Club's deer management contract at Epping:

Epping Statement

"Following a full public tender exercise, the City of London Corporation selected the Capreolus Club to undertake essential deer management of the large Fallow and Muntjac population across 1,800 acres of farmland and woodland that surround the north of Epping Forest.

This appointment unfortunately attracted some media attention and despite the City of London’s acknowledgement that: “The Capreolus Club has carried out its work professionally” the City of London Corporation bowed to public pressure and duly elected to terminate the contract adding: “this is a ‘no blame’ contract termination”.

The City of London went on to say, they: “will now decide on an alternative way forward for the very real problem of deer population control on the Buffer Lands”.

As Chairman of the Capreolus Club I feel that it is deplorable that erroneous and sensationalist reporting by the media has been allowed to be decisive in the ending of a contract that had been awarded on merit.

The tone adopted by much of the media, and comment on social media, was ill informed and evoked an emotive response to the wholly justifiable and necessary requirement of deer management.

Regrettably, this tone makes it difficult to proceed to more considered, sensible debate, the loss of which is ironically detrimental to the deer themselves and the natural environment - the same such cause, that many who sought to make comment, profess to be supporting.

Finally, I would like to express great pride in those Capreolus Club members and staff associated with the deer management plan at Epping who have exhibited great professionalism and skill at all times.

Moreover, I feel privileged to remain involved with members of the club and the wider shooting community who, up and down the country, contribute daily, to the sustainable management of deer, and thereby play a crucial role in both the betterment of the species and the enhancement of our natural environment".  

Editorpic150Peter Jones

(Capreolus Club Chairman)



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