Toby Worthington joins the Capreolus Club at ‘Dunhill Tobacco’ in St James to celebrate the club’s 3rd anniversary and to find out more details of the club’s innovative new Capreolus Club PLUS scheme.

Dunhill 2018

It’s been three years since the London based deer stalking and big game hunting club – the ‘Capreolus Club’ launched at Annabel’s in Mayfair and remaining true to its mainly London based membership, on the 19th April the club held a drinks and cigar evening at Dunhill to celebrate.

One of the features of the club is its ability to innovate and adapt to meet the needs of its members. Testament to this is the fact that in just three years the club has swollen to over 100 members.

Dunhill 2018 2

(Above: Members browse details of the Capreolus Club PLUS scheme)

The club’s latest innovation is in the form of Capreolus Club PLUS which provides those with suitable experience and the desire to upgrade their membership, the opportunity to simply ‘Book & Go Stalking’ unaccompanied, with just 24hrs notice, throughout the year over thousands of acres of beautiful, rolling countryside.  

It’s a great scheme which compliments the club’s existing offerings of complimentary stalk & range days, overnight trips, world-wide excursions and social events.

All things considered, for those that love their deer stalking and large game hunting there is not much that the club does not cover. Add to this its friendly and inviting atmosphere and it is no wonder that the club is growing in strength and popularity.

Over a very nice Cuban Cigar and a ‘tot’ of rum, I spoke to club Chairman Peter Jones, who many will be familiar with from the number of County Deer Stalking films and articles on the internet.

“I am so proud to be a part of a club that is proving to be such a success, and as our membership grows we are determined to offer more to our members. The Capreolus Club PLUS scheme is just one example of how we are innovating to meet demand. I would like to invite beginners and experienced stalkers alike, and all of those that are passionate about deer stalking to join us”.

Finally, thanks go to Dunhill of Tobacco and the Lunzer wine Group for hosting the event and contributing to such an enjoyable and fun evening.

If you’d like to find out more about Capreolus Club PLUS then please follow this link: capreolus-club-plus

Or to read more about other club events follow this link: holland-holland-welcomes-the-capreolus-club




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