Five years on, we examine what has led to the success of the Capreolus Club - a club which is now widely recognised as the finest, most successful club of its type in the UK. 

Swarovski Optik sponsor Capreolus Club

(Above: Peter Antoniou - Head of 'Swarovski Optik UK' attends opening night. Swarovski Optik have been long standing sponsors of the Capreolus Club since its inception in 2014)

It seems a long time ago since the Capreolus Club held its opening night at Annabel’s, Mayfair back in April 2014, with just fourteen original members and a host of big names from the world of shooting.

Present that evening were long standing sponsors Swarovski Optik and representatives from great names in shooting, including Holland & Holland, William Evans, John Rigby and many others, who I suspect were understandably, eyeing the new ‘upstart’ of a shooting club with some degree of suspicion.  

Capreolus Club members 5th Anniversary

(Above: Club members enjoy a social event in London) 

Today, five years on, growth has exceeded all expectations, with the club having just issued membership number 164.    

So, what has been the secret of the club’s success? Well first and foremost, it is because the club has put the requirements of its members at its very heart, having gone to great lengths to reflect what shooters want.

Conscious of the fact that its members lead extremely busy lives, one of the features of the club, has been the style and feel of the events, which are run in an extremely professional, efficient manner, that ensures that when members do step out, they can expect a top quality day in the field.   

Capreolus Shooting Club

(A bit of tuition on the range courtesy of the club's African Professional Hunter)

Just some of the club’s trips this year include, Driven Boar on the continent, a first-class trip to the highlands for Red Stag, Elk in Norway and a string of short overnight jaunts to some superb local destinations in the south of England.    

As its membership has matured, the club has also been quick to innovate and establish the popular Plus scheme. The scheme is essentially a deer stalking syndicate, that affords its members the ability to upgrade to unlimited ‘book & go’ stalking over thousands of acres of beautiful countryside, in a variety of locations around the south of England with just 24 hours-notice.

Holland Holland Capreolus Club Utermark

(Allan Utermark from H&H attending opening night at Annabel's, Mayfair) 

As well as the Plus scheme, bespoke offerings have also improved, with dircet access to a dedicated PH in Africa who is able to assist club members with trips to South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zim’. This goes alongside superb contacts in Europe for Boar and Chamois and a first class relationship with a superb hunting concession in Norway, for unrivalled fishing and Elk hunting.

Add to these offerings, priority booking of first-class accompanied stalking over a whopping 14,000 acres of beautiful grounds and a string of social events in London’s most respected venues. Including drinks at former PM - David Cameron’s hang out of choice - Mark’s Club, Christmas at Purdey Guns, Annabel’s in Mayfair, the Naval & Military Club, the Carlton Club, fine wine evening at Holland & Holland, Christmas at the RAC Club, Cigar’s at Dunhill….and the list goes on and on, all giving the club a truly top-notch, quality feel.

Capreolus Club Deer Stalking

As for the future? The skies the limit. With 800 acres of prime Roe stalking in the Surrey Hills to be added to the PLUS scheme in the coming weeks, and with further enhancements being made each year to the events and bespoke trips, one thing is for sure, with the club’s proven ability to innovate, over the next five years, you should expect this unrivalled deer stalking club to improve and extend its offerings still further.

Why not get involved with this friendly, thriving club? If you’re interested in joining what is the finest club of its type in the UK, then contact: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or why not call our club chairman direct on: 07789 747709 or email him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss with him, how the club can help you get the most from your shooting.

Alternatively, to read more about the club’s many benefits then simply follow this link: membership-benefits



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