The London Based Capreolus Club celebrate Christmas at James Purdey & Sons in Mayfair. 

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(Above: Club members gather in the historic Long Room at James Purdey & Sons)

Having received their first Royal Warrant in 1868 Purdey Guns moved to their current premises at 57-58 South Audley Street, London in 1882. The famous and historic ‘Long Room’ at Purdey forms part of the premises and this week formed a perfect backdrop for the Capreolus Club Christmas event.

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Established somewhat more recently in 2015, members of the London based deer stalking and large game hunting club, chatted like old friends about the years sporting adventures, amidst showcase upon showcase of historic artefacts and jaw-droppingly beautiful guns.

Purdey 6 300Game inspired canapes and ‘Pol Roger’ Champagne was served by top caterers the ‘Wild Fork’ to a large gathering of club members and guests, that included well known faces from the world of shooting, including Charlie Jacoby of ‘Field Sports Britain’, renowned sculptor Jenna Gearing and her father Rob Gearing - founder of ‘Spartan Precision Equipment’, and a host of familiar feature writers from 'County Deer Stalking'. 

Purdey’s Gun room manager Dr Nicolas Harlow provided a wonderful and informative speech about some of Purdey’s rich history and was followed by Peter Jones, Chairman of the Capreolus Club, who entertained guests with a look back at some of the club’s adventures and highlights from 2019.

The Capreolus Club ethos is proud to be rooted in a strong commitment to the environment, a climate-focused diet and the betterment of species, through the careful selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals. Club Chair Peter Jones, went to great lengths to express his pride at the club’s continued drive to educate the wider community about the virtues of deer stalking.

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Looking ahead, Peter Jones also went on to reveal some of the details of the club’s extensive 2020 calendar of events, as well as expressing his excitement at the proposed extension in 2020, to the unaccompanied ‘PLUS Scheme’ deer stalking syndicate, on new grounds in East Sussex.

The Capreolus Club would like to express its thanks to James Purdey Guns for hosting the event, to Swarovski Optik for their continued support and to its members, who each year contribute in a thousand small ways to making the club the friendly vibrant club that it has become.

'The Capreolus Club is committed to the environment via a climate-focused diet and to the betterment of species through the careful selection of sustainable, wild, free-ranging animals'.

To find out more about the club's growing list of benefits, please follow this link: membership-benefits



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