With current hot weather and with more humid conditions to come next week, can the 2014 Roe Rut be far away?


(Above: A superb medal head shot in a previous Rut, scoring 121.58 CIC points)

I am normally a deep sleeper however as I awoke in the early hours of Friday morning (18th July) to the rumble of thunder and watched as the lightning crackled outside my hotel window, my first thoughts, despite some annoyance at having been woken, were that this type of sultry hot weather would surely bring on the rut.

I was staying just outside ‘Woodstock’ in Oxfordshire where I was due to attend the CLA Game Fair the following morning, a morning which dawned muggy and over cast before the sun burnt through to reveal another scorching day.

Needless to say that whilst I tried to keep my conversation and focus on the equipment at the fair, there was, none the less, much talk of the Roe Rut, with some even claiming that they felt it had started.

Today (Saturday 19th July) it is again hot, stormy and humid and according to the Met Office this is set to be the state of play well into next week across much of the UK.   

Surely if anything will do it this will.

I have of course given a previous indication of the 23rd July, however I will be quite prepared to have got it wrong if there is clear evidence beforehand.

Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you witness rutting behaviour.

Of course I am not talking here of...”I called for a while and a few minutes later a Buck appeared!” but instead clear sightings of a Buck in hot pursuit of an accompanying doe with the obvious intent of mating. 

At any rate good luck this week, I am sure that the recent weather will be a great catalyst, so the rut can surely not be far away, if you get lucky then do feel free to send us your pictures. 

To read our announcement about the start of the 2013 Roe Rut follow this link: roe-rut-2013-and-we-re-off



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