Neil Allen looks at a clever and cost effective way of camouflaging your deer stalking kit. 

camouflage tape

Perhaps like me you've bought a moderator that you feel requires a cover?  There are several reasons behind wanting to cover your moderator, these include eliminating shine, or to reduce any potential metallic sounds as you stealthily make your approach, or possibly simply to change the colour.

(left: Camouflage tape) 

There are many options available to do this, from neoprene covers, to spray painting the moderator, as I was at first advised to do. All of these options didn’t really seem ideal to me and having been brought up in the military I recalled from my youth, seeing a variety of camouflage options that were fabric based.

So after a fairly quick internet search I came across the following: self clinging camouflage tape, which sticks to itself and not your equipment.  Run any search yourself and you'll find many images and options for the same cloth based tape, all of which show how easy it is to apply.

Camo tapeThe tape essentially unwraps its self from a roll and as you wrap it around the moderator, rifle or anything else you choose, rather cleverly sticks to itself, no adhesive required.  I chose a Woodland Camo option, as I mainly spend my time deer stalking in the woods of Southern England, but other options are available and for the princely sum of just £4.94, bargain!

(Left: The finished moderator)

Covering the moderator took approximately 2 minutes and no mess.  What's better if I purchase a different moderator at some point then I can simply reuse the same tape and transfer it to the new moderator.

Effective kit that is also cost effective is hard to beat and I think you'll have to go a long way to beat this type of cover.  Any reader feedback and comments on what effective kit you use would be welcome.

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