In the latest podcast episode from Blood Origins, founder of Blood Origins Robbie KRÖGER, speaks frankly with Peter S JONES Chairman & Founder of the Capreolus Club.

Blood Origins UK

In this revealing podcast and in view of an exploding UK deer population, founder of Blood Origins Dr Robert Kroger and founder of the Capreolus Club Peter S Jones, engage in conversation about the myths and misconceptions surrounding deer hunting in the UK. What it really takes to get started in hunting and why hunting is so crucial to the overall health and biodiversity of the UK environment.

For hunters travelling to the UK from abroad, or for those living in the UK who wish to better understand UK Shooting and hunting culture, this podcast provides a wonderful insight.

Blood Origins is a global non-profit who mission is to convey the truth about hunting and promote conservation efforts by creating content and sharing stories that convey the impact that hunting has on people, wildlife and communities.

How does hunting in the UK vary from that abroad? How do hunters deal with the challenges of obtaining a firearms certificate? And in a country where there is no public hunting land, how do UK hunters find somewhere to shoot?

All of these topics and more are covered in this revealing and enjoyable Podcast by Blood Origins. To listen to the Podcast simply follow this link:

The Capreolus Club is proud to have become a supporter of the Blood Origins Conservation Club and County Deer Stalking invites you to get behind and support one of the worlds leading voices in conservation hunting, a voice that seeks to explain the symbiotic relationship between hunters and nature.

To listen to Robbie and Peter discuss these topics in this frank 52 min podcast, simply follow this link:

Podcast episode 344 – Peter Jones // Deer Hunting Culture in the United Kingdom – Blood Origins.




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