Why October is the best time of year to be deer stalking

October encompasses the rut of the UK’s three largest deer species, Sika, Red and Fallow. It is our favourite time of year to be deer stalking. 

Sika Deer Licensed 2a

If you are going to hunt one of the UK’s big three, then this is the time to do it. At the Capreolus Club, we are doing just that. During October we have trips for Sika, Fallow & Red.

Early in the month, we start with Sika stag in Dorset, on one of the regions finest grounds. A SSSI block of heath and forestry on the Isle of Purbeck, where members experience the unique excitement of the Sika rut at its very peak.  

This is followed by a trip to the former Royal hunting grounds that are the New Forest, where we are stalking Fallow buck as they ‘hold court’ in ancient forestry and entice females to their rutting stands.

Fallow Licensed 2a

Just one week later, we venture to Exmoor, home to the UK’s largest deer. Referred to as ‘Exmoor’s Giants’. We attempt to locate these epic beasts in woodland, as the ‘Roar’ of their challenge to rival males, reverberates around the forest.

Red Deer Licensed 1

It is going to be a full-on month. A testosterone fuelled, cacophony of ‘bellowing’, ‘belching’, ‘wailing’ and ‘roaring’ that in the world of hunting, is hard to beat. Tag on our trip to the Scottish Highlands for Red Hinds a few weeks later, and the Capreolus Club is capturing, the largest deer at the optimum time of year, in the very best locations.

This is UK deer stalking at its very best.

Perhaps one of the other reasons why we like October so much, is because as the testosterone levels subside and the excitement of the rut begins to smoulder and die, we launch straight into the season for females, a period during which success rates soar.

For deer stalkers the next two months are where it is at. They are utterly superb.

Whilst the sport is undoubtedly at its very best, even in this modern world of ample supply, when winter approaches, there remains something in our DNA which demands that we stock-up. That we bolster our reserves, collect firewood, and fill our freezers. By harvesting just one of the UK’s largest species of deer, the average hunter, provided he carries out the butchery with some degree of skill, can expect to yield between 25kg – 40kg of the leanest red meat available. Ample supply through Christmas and beyond.

The recent Defra consultation on deer management, has made plain that harvesting deer is an environmental must for the UK. So, get out, enjoy the thrill of observing the UK’s largest land mammals, harvest some wild, sustainable, healthy food and help improve the environment.

A great way to do this, is by joining the UK finest deer stalking club, the Capreolus Club. Apply for membership here: apply-now

Peter Jones 150In Season in England & Wales:  Fallow Buck, Roebuck, Muntjac Buck & Doe, Sika Stag, Red Stag. 

Off Season in England & Wales:  Fallow Doe, Roe Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind, CWD.   

In/Off Seasons in Scotland: Roe Buck, Red Stag, Sika Stag, (Until 20th Oct only). Fallow Buck in season throughout October - Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind are in season from the 21st October.

(Peter Jones - editor)   


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