A short film about Woodland Deer Stalking.  

For many, including myself, Woodland Deer Stalking is a passion. Ever since I was a child growing up on a farm in Sussex Deer have had an almost mystical quality. This combined with a deep love of the British countryside, means that Deer Stalking is for me a deeply enthralling activity that couples patience, excellent field craft and marksmanship.


(Above:  A Fallow Deer in thick Woodland)

Every now and then I come across a short film or excerpt that portrays the realities of Woodland Stalking in a sympathetic and conscientious manner.    

Courtesy of BASC I am pleased to be able to provide the following link to a short film featuring BASC Deer Officer Lewis Thornley.

This short piece follows Lewis as he sets out to stalk a block of woodland in search of Fallow Deer.  It introduces viewers to the use of High Seats and the requirements of stalking deer on foot.

For those who want an introduction to what Woodland Deer Stalking is all about, this is an excellent piece of film. CLICK BELOW:

(We apologise, the link to this Woodland Stalking Film  has now been lost, we hope to bring you more films about deer management shortly) 

If however this gives you a taste and you would like to book an introduction to Woodland Deer Stalking with 'County Deer Stalking' please Click through to our Outings page:  http://www.countydeerstalking.co.uk/outings-uk.html

We are experienced in introducing beginners to Deer Stalking and are Approved Witnesses for BASC and the British Deer Society in Deer Management Qualifications.

For other articles about Woodland Stalking please browse our Website.




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