We explain why September is the start of the Deer Stalking Season Proper.

Almanac September 2022

There is a sizeable shift that takes place from September, both in terms of how we, and our quarry behave.

Looking first at our own behaviour, as people return from holiday and the kids go back to school, many people start to give some thought to how they are going to spend their leisure time during the autumn. As a result, each year we find that there is a significant spike in bookings, of both outings and training courses.

Deer also exhibit a shift in behaviour at this time of year. Coincidentally, as the weather cools, the large species of deer become more active, as Red, Fallow and Sika become restless and ‘break-out’ from their single sex, bachelor herds in search of females.

Roe on the other hand, having experienced their rut in late July and August, retire into relative obscurity, whilst they regain body weight and condition after several weeks of single-minded exertion.

Among the other smaller species, having shed their antlers around May and June, by September, Muntjac have shed the rubbery coating to their growing antlers and are in hard antler. With the ground cover also somewhat lessened, they also become more visible. Two features which improve the appeal of Muntjac stalking enormously.

September is the start of the deer stalking season proper. The autumn ruts kick-off in September with Sika, followed by Red in October and then Fallow in late October early November, by which time the Roe are active again and the Chinese Water Deer are in season, along with the females of all six of the UK’s species from 01st November.

Autumn is by far and away my favourite time to be hunting, there is a lot going on and we have got it all covered, with events that capture all of the highlights in the very best locations, during the very height of the respective ruts. We have Sika in Dorset, Red in Exmoor and Fallow in the New Forest.

If you are exploring your options this autumn, don’t waste any time in getting in touch. We have got it all covered, from training, stalk outings, top events and possibly the finest deer stalking and rough shooting syndicate in the south of England.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help: 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peter Jones 150IN Season in England & Wales:  Roebuck, Fallow Buck, Red & Sika Stag, Muntjac Buck & Muntjac Doe.

OFF Season in England & Wales: Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind, CWD Buck & CWD Doe. 

IN Season in Scotland: Roebuck, Red Stag, Sika Stag, Fallow Buck.

OFF Season in Scotland: Roe Doe, Fallow Doe, Sika Hind, Red Hind.

(Peter Jones - Editor)




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