A short Film about the work of Deer Management in the UK 

For many Deer Managers it can be a constant struggle to better inform and educate those that might oppose our chosen pursuit.


Deer Stalking along with many other field sports can attract negative publicity and is often poorly represented in the main stream media.

The fact is that the UK has a necessity for deer management which is supported by Defra and Natural England and there can be few properly informed individuals that will not concede to the need for deer culling.


Taking up the challenge of better informing the public is Charly Green who with the help of a small film crew put together by Nathan J. Haynes (Freelance Film Maker & Photographer www.nathanjhaynes.co.uk) has created the following short film entitled ‘A Way of Life’.

To my eye it is a well put together piece and gets across the subtleties of what we do as deer managers. Click on the following link to watch the film:   (We apologise this link about Deer Management has now been lost, however we hope to be able to bring you more films about deer management shortly). 




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