Deer have a frustrating habit of being predictably unpredictable.

exley250By my records after a miserable summer the rut last year kicked off in Hampshire on 24th July. This July has been scorching and so this week I had fully anticipated that the 2013 Roe Rut would be in full swing. Sadly as yet this has not proven to be the case.

I spoke to Alan Shannahan an experienced professional stalker who also manages deer in Hampshire. Alan confirmed the same, speculating that despite an unseasonably hot July overall things this year have been a little behind, and that the Rut may follow suit.

Added to this it may be no coincidence and a point worth considering that the traditional start date of the rut this year has been accompanied by a full moon. For more information about the effect of moon phases on deer take a look at the following link:

Personally stalking yesterday evening with a client we spotted two bucks and despite putting my best calling techniques to the test the results were poor with only some initial interest being shown by the younger of the two animals.

Things can happen fast at this time of year and I am due to be stalking again this afternoon so who knows, watch this space!   




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