Second only to the rut it is during the month of May that Roe Buck stalking is at its very best!

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Roe Buck trophy hunters from Europe and around the world will be converging on the UK’s prime Roe stalking counties in search of that special trophy. With all other Deer Species save Muntjac, (which are all but invisible during the summer), being out of season, May is predominantly about Roe Buck. 

Here at County Deer Stalking we are pleased to say that perhaps more than any other county in the UK it is Hampshire that consistently produces more medal class trophies than anywhere else, with other counties such as Wiltshire, Surrey, Yorkshire, Oxfordshire & Dorset coming a close second.  

Why is May so good? It has to do with the territorial behaviour of the males. Roe Buck become highly aggressive at this time of year and will not tolerate less well developed rivals in close proximity. The subservient bucks will be ejected force ably from prime areas by the dominant male, who will chase them away in order to preserve mating rights with the resident Does in the coming months. 

It is this jostling for position that provides the action. The activity levels are high as older bucks clash over prime territory and younger Bucks dash about to avoid injury and try to seek out territories of their own. 

As for other Deer Species? Well May represents a ‘time out’. Deer are a noble quarry and deserve a respite from being hunted. However the closed season is designed for two primary purposes. Firstly the males of the herding species will be shedding their antlers and so identification can become problematic, it is also difficult to determine the quality of a buck or stag when free of antler. 

Secondly and more importantly it is in May that the Does and Hinds of most deer species will be giving birth. A word of caution on this point, take charge of your dogs. Newly arrived kids are left in long grass by their mothers until they can keep up. Sadly as a result many kids are killed each year by stray dogs. Not to mention tragically by the inevitable hay cutting! 

IN Season in England & Wales:  Roe Buck, Muntjac Bucks & Muntjac Does.

OFF Season in England & Wales: Roe Does, Fallow Does, Fallow Buck, Sika Hinds, Sika Stags, Red Hinds, Red Stags, CWD Bucks & CWD Does. 

IN Season in Scotland: Roe Buck, Muntjac Bucks & Muntjac Does. 

OFF Season in Scotland: Roe Does, Fallow Does, Fallow Buck, Sika Hinds, Sika Stags, Red Hinds, Red Stags, CWD Bucks & CWD Does.



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