Deer Stalking UK

Deer Stalking is the term used in the UK to refer to Deer Hunting or the stealthy pursuit of deer. Though historically undertaken with the use of dogs modern deer stalking in the UK is typically undertaken with the use of a high powered rifle fitted with a telescopic sight.

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What does January hold in store for Deer Stalkers

As much as I enjoy Christmas, and with three small children its difficult not to get swept up in the excitement, I must confess a readiness to return to work and some sense of normality by January.

By the time the Christmas decorations come down, I am ready to be back in the field. That said, January is a hard month. It is the coldest month of the year in the UK and despite having passed the shortest day, the hours of daylight are still fleeting, as are the remaining weeks during which we can cull females. 

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Deer Vocalisations

With the October rut underway we provide you with the opportunity to listen to the sounds made by all of the UK's six species of deer.  

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