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'County Deer Stalking' is a free Online Magazine for deer stalkers and the UK's leading website for Deer Stalking & Deer Management related information.

We provide the UK's leading Directory of Deer Stalking Providers & Equipment Suppliers. Added to this, with hundreds of articles and reviews about deer stalking and stalking equipment, along with easily accessible information about Rifles, Calibres, Deer Species and UK Deer Legislation and a growing list of short films. Anything you ever wanted to know about Deer Stalking and Deer Management in the UK can be accessed via our web site.  

Authors and contributors to 'County Deer Stalking' include top industry professionals and leading experts, including amongst others: 

Iain Watson - Senior International CIC Trophy judge to the UK delegation.

Peter Jones - Professional Stalker, DMQ App' witness and Editor at CDS.  

Tony Jackson - Former Editor of the 'Shooting Times' and expert big game hunter.

Chris Dalton - Professional Stalker at Ayrshire Stalking & DMQ App' Wit'.

Lord Ivar Mountbatten - Owner of Bridwell Deer Park.  

James Mott - Experienced professional Stalker at County Deer Stalking. 

Chris Parkin - Top Shooting journalist & award winning competitive marksman. 

Andrew Venables - Chief Instructor at WMS Firearms Training. 

Charly Green - Professional Stalker & Outfitter at 'Shaves Green'. 

Alan Shannahan - Professional Stalker and DMQ Approved Witness.

John Barton - Professional Stalker and DMQ Approved Witness.

Dr Simon Lee - Experienced DSC2 qualified stalker and industry expert. 

Oliver Siddall - Experienced professional stalker and registered firearms dealer.

.....and countless others besides.   


'County Deer Stalking - Online Magazine' was first established by Peter Jones in 2009 as the UK's first online magazine dedicated to deer stalkers. A professional Deer Stalker and former Police Detective in the Metropolitan Police, Peter is Editor and Managing Director at County deer Stalking.

(Left: Peter Jones)  

Having been hunting and stalking a variety of game throughout the UK, Europe and Africa for the last 25 years, Peter possesses both the nationally recognised Deer Management Qualifications DSC1 and DSC2 and is a DMQ Approved Witness for the British Deer Society.

In addition to his Deer Management qualifications, Peter has a Bachelor's Degree from Brunel University, where he also went on to undertake work as a Post Graduate researcher. During his career in the Police, Peter served within the CID on various Crime Squads, and was awarded a 'Commendation for Bravery & Professionalism' for his handling of an armed incident, before retiring from the Police Force with an 'Exemplary Service Certificate'.

Today Peter lives in Richmond, Surrey, and manages the deer on several prestigious country estates in the south east of Engalnd. Peter also acts as a guide to deer hunters from around the globe and writes regular articles and reviews on Deer Stalking and Deer Stalking Equipment.

Mott150County Deer Stalking’s other Director is James Mott. James joined the company in 2013 and is a highly accomplished and experienced stalker and hunting guide, with many years of experience hunting deer and other game in the UK and abroad over the last 20 years.

(Left: James Mott) 

Whilst James regularly contributes articles to the online magazine, his main day to day focus is on estate management, guiding clients, and running many of the excellent training courses that are on offer, including the hugely popular 'Proficient Deer Stalker Course' 

Justin Carter 150Recently joining County Deer Stalking is Justin Carter. Having been brought up in a forestry and farming background, Justin soon found a love of wildlife and field sports and spent many years running a woodland and wildlife management business.  

(Left: Justin Carter) 

Justin has been stalking in the UK for the last 15 years and has also spent several years hunting and working in Africa, where he was involved in game capture and relocation of African animals. He has qualifications in the UK in Darting and Immobilisation of deer as well as DSC1, PDS1 and Meat Hygiene.

Today Justin is responsible for carrying out many stalk outings with County Deer Stalking clients and plays an active role in other forms of shooting and hunting. .  

To contact either Peter, Justin or James simply click on the following link: contact-us


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